The Inspired Word Church began in October 1989 in the home of Pastor Nathaniel & Sister Sharon Williams with his two oldest children.  The first Sunday the total in attendance was Pastor’s then family of four.  Within one week the membership had more then doubled when Arthur E. Bibbs and his wife, Sister Cheryl Bibbs and their two children, came in along with one other friend.  This brought the membership to a total of nine.

The last Sunday of December 1989 the Lord enabled the church to move from Pastor and Sister Williams’ home into the South Suburban YMCA.  By March 1990 the Lord had blessed the church to grow adding Sister Ida Grayson and her daughter, Sister Velma Campbell, Sister Dorothy Powell and her three children, Pastor Williams’ mother – Mother Mary Lou Nolan, and his sister – Sister Odessa Williams just to name a few.

For the next 3 years the Lord taught Pastor Williams’ and congregation some wonderful lessons in humility, suffering and sacrificing for the glory of God.  On January10th of 1993, God brought the Inspired Word into our present location of 10401 S. Hoxie, Chicago, IL 60617, where we have had blessed dynamic experiences, where the Lord has added dynamic Preachers, Deacons, Missionaries, Saints, expanded ministries and has performed numerous individual and collective miracles for his people.